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 Saint Xenophon lived in Constantinople during the reigns of Emperors Justin I (518 - 527 AD) and Justinian (527 - 565 AD). He was a rich senator and was distinguished for his deep piety to God. She had two children, Arkadios and Ioannis. As soon as these circular letters were finished, he sent them to Beirut in Phenicia, to study and study legal science. On the way, the ship they were traveling on sank. However, they were saved and went to Jerusalem where they became monks. Their parents, Xenophon and Maria, sought them out and were informed that they were living an ascetic life in the desert, glorifying God and disobeying the world, they also followed the solitary life. Xenophon, his wife and their children provoked them so much in virtue and charity that God required them to perform miracles as well. So this divine family lived theophilically and slept in peace.
Saint Xenophon icon