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Theodoros Tyron

Theodoros  Tyron
Theodoros Tyron
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Theodoros  Tyron

Saint Theodoros  Tyron came from the village of Amasia, located on the Black Sea and lived during the times of the emperors Maximianus, Galerius and Maximinus. It is called Tiron, because it was classified in the army of the Tirons, i.e. the recruits, commanded by the prefect Vrygas. He was presented to the prefect as a Christian and summoned for examination. There, he confessed his faith in Christ without hesitation. The commander Vrigas did not want to proceed with the arrest and punishment of Agios Theodoros, but left him to think and answer him a little later. He believed that Theodore would change and sacrifice in the end, to the idols. The Great Martyr not only remained steadfast in his faith, but also burned the temple of the mother of the gods, Rhea, after her idol. Then, he was immediately arrested and thrown by the pagans into a red-hot furnace, where he died a martyr's death. His memory is commemorated on February 17