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Ephraim the Younger

Ephraim the Younger
Ephraim the Younger
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Ephraim the Younger (May 5)

Saint Ephraim, according to the world Konstantinos Morfis, was born in Trikala in 1384 AD. He was orphaned by his father at a young age along with his other seven brothers. At the age of 14, in order to avoid Islamization and the janissaries, he entered the then prosperous Holy Monastery of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos on the mountain of the Immaculate Conception of Attica. In 1424 AD the Turks violently invaded the Monastery and slaughtered all the Fathers of the Monastery. The Saint was absent in his cave on the mountain for prayer and as soon as he returned he saw the corpses of the Fathers in fear. After burying them, he then mourned loudly. The following year, on September 14, 1425 AD, the barbarians returned and found the Saint. He was arrested and his martyrdom began, which ended on May 5, 1426 AD. They hung him upside down on a tree that is still alive, nailed him to the legs and head, and finally pierced his astonished and martyred body with lighted wood and thus surrendered his holy soul to Christ.