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Saint John of Kronstadt

Saint John of Kronstadt
Saint John of Kronstadt
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Saint John Ilyich Sergeyev was born on October 18, 1829 AD, in the village of Soura of the Archangel. At the age of 10, he was sent to the Arkhangelsk Parish School, where he received a state scholarship and was sent to the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. He was offered the position of priest in the Cathedral of St. Andrew the First-Called in Kronstadt, on the island of Kotline in the Gulf of Finland, which was a place of exile. On November 11, 1855 AD. became a deacon and the next day, an elder by Bishop Christopher Vinnytsky, in the church of Saints Peter and Paul. His emblem was social solidarity, which is why his work concerned all people, regardless of origin or religion. In 1907 AD, while he was a select member of many public benefit organizations, he was appointed a member of the Holy Synod. He died a little later, in Kronstadt, at the age of 80. His tomb is located in the basement of the St. John's Monastery in St. Petersburg, as a large shrine. His memory is commemorated on December 20
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