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Saint Loukas doctor Archbishop of Crimea 1

Saint Loukas doctor Archbishop of Crimea 1
Saint Loukas doctor Archbishop of Crimea 1
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Saint Archbishop Lucas was born in 1877 AD. in Kerch on the Crimean peninsula. He studied Medicine and attended ophthalmology classes. In 1917 AD elected professor at the University of Tashkent. The Russian Revolution had already begun and the church was targeted by the Bolsheviks. Then, Saint Luke was arrested for the first time. He was released and after a while traveled to Penjikent to be ordained a Bishop. He is imprisoned in miserable conditions in Moscow. There he finds the first symptoms of heart failure, which will accompany him throughout his life. While the doctors confirmed that his health condition did not allow it, Bishop Lucas left in exile for Siberia. Fortunately, two months later, due to the death of a farmer, the people of Turukhansk revolted and demanded the return of the Bishop. Unfortunately, he was confronted with slander, which led him to resign from the seat of Bishop. He was once again exiled to Northern Russia. At the age of 70, he became archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea. Celebrated on June 11, 1961 at the age of 84 he slept in peace
Saint Loukas doctor Archbishop of Crimea icon