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  Saint Methodius was born in Syracuse, Sicily and came to Constantinople during the reign of Leo V, to undertake some political service, worthy of his high education and ability. At that time in Vassilevousa, the issue of the worship of the Holy Icons prevailed. King Theophilos, because he appreciated the education of Methodius, tried with various treatments to take him by his side. But Methodius observed him harshly and directly, for his foolish attitude towards the Holy Icons. Theophilos, enraged, imprisoned him on the island of Antigonus, in a tomb with two robbers. Later, however, because he explained to him a difficult passage about the occult sciences, he released him from custody. After the death of Theophilos and during the days of Empress Theodora, Methodius became Patriarch of Constantinople. During his patriarchate, the feast of Orthodoxy was established on the first Sunday of Lent. He passed away peacefully on June 14, 846 AD.
Saint Methodios icon