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Saint Kosmas the Aetolian

Saint Kosmas the Aetolian
Saint Kosmas the Aetolian
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Saint Cosmas was an apostle of the Gospel, in the dark years of Turkish slavery. Agios Kosmas was born in the village of Taxiarchis of Nafpaktia, in 1714 AD. His parents were pious, they raised him in the education and discipline of the Lord. At the age of twenty, he went to Mount Athos to study at the newly established school of Vatopedi. The Saint, knowing that the Nation was in danger, did not rest and was burning day and night with the desire to go out and teach the enslaved Greeks the Holy Letters. After obtaining the permission of Patriarch Seraphim, he taught the word "God" to the "Rayades", from one end of Greece to the other, but initially having Constantinople as his starting point. From where he passed, he built schools, churches, and a large number of people gathered and "sucked" the "nectar" of his Holy teaching. Eventually, the envy of the Jews, who collaborated with the Turks, resulted in the hanging of the Saint in Kolikontasi, in the soils of the Northern Epirus in 1779 AD. His memory is honored on August 24.
icon Saint Kosmas the Aetolian