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Saint Nektarios 1

Saint Nektarios 1
Saint Nektarios 1
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Saint Nektarios was born in 1846 AD. in Silivria of Thrace. At the age of fourteen, he went to Constantinople, where he worked as a clerk and then as a pediatrician at the school of Metochi of the Holy Sepulcher. In 1876 AD became a monk in the New Monastery of Chios and on January 15, 1877 AD. He was ordained a deacon by the Metropolitan of Chios, Gregory, and took over the secretariat of the Diocese. He came to Athens, where he studied Theology. Then, the Patriarch of Alexandria, Sophrinios IV, ordained him an Elder and gave him the duties of secretary and preacher of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. He also served as Patriarchal Commissioner in Cairo. On January 15, 1889 AD, he was ordained Metropolitan of Pentapolis. He returned to Greece, where he was Preacher of Evia, Fthiotida and Fokida, but also director of the Rizareio Ecclesiastical School in Athens. He also founded a nunnery in Aegina, which he personally took over the administration, after retiring there in 1908 AD. He died in 1920 AD. His holiness was not so great that he performed many miracles, both before and after his death. He was buried in the Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Aegina. His memory is commemorated on November 9

 He was born in Thrace in 1846 to pious parents. He was bishop of Pentapolis in Alexandria, Egypt. There he was slandered by the clergy of Alexandria and was forced to return to Greece where he worked as a Preacher and director at the Rizareio school. Finally he retired to Aegina where he founded the monastery of the Holy Trinity. He died at Aretaio hospital. when they changed him, they put his shirt on the bed of a disabled person and he was immediately healed.
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