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Saint Marina

Saint Marina
Saint Marina
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Saint Marina was born in 270 AD. in Antioch of Pisidia. Her father, Idesios, as soon as she was informed that she was a Christian, deleted her from his child. Then the prefect Olympus tried to convert her and become his wife. Agia Marina was adamant, and then the prefect ordered horrific torture and imprisonment. Inside the prison, the devil appeared transformed into a wild dragon, but with her prayer and the help of a hammer she humbled him. When he was re-examined by the prefect, he found that the faith of Agia Marina was immovable in Christ, and so, he burned it with lighted candles. Her wounds were miraculously closed and then the prefect ordered her beheaded. Today, the holy relics of Agia Marina are kept in Athens, in a church that bears her name, while her hand is in the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos. Her memory is commemorated on July 17.
icon Saint Marina