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Saint Panteleimon

Saint Panteleimon
Saint Panteleimon
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Saint Panteleimon came from Nicomedia in Asia Minor. He was educated in medicine, catechized in the Christian faith and baptized. At one point, when a viper bit a young man and actually killed him, Saint Panteleimon, invoking Christ, resurrected him. The occasion of his martyrdom was another miracle of the Saint. Panteleimon himself was brought before the king, who ordered his torture in order to deny his faith. However, he did not succumb to the pressures, as the Lord appeared before him in the form of his spiritual Hermolaus and gave him courage. Finally, his beheading was ordered. But as soon as the executioner stretched out his hand to cut off the Saint's head with his sword, the sword bent. In the face of such a miracle, the soldiers present also became Christians