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Saint Georgios of Ioannina

Saint Georgios of Ioannina
Saint Georgios of Ioannina
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He was born in 1808 in a village of Grevena to Konstantinos and Vassilos. When he came of age he married Eleni and they had Ioannis. Once when he went down to Ioannina for work he was slandered by a Turk and found himself in front of a large den. Either change his faith, become a Muslim and return to his family or remain steadfast in his faith. But George put his love for Christ above all else, so the Muslims hanged him. It was January 17, 1838. So they ended his temporary life and his short life. This 30-year-old lad is honored in many parts of Greece but especially in Ioannina.
Saint Georgios of Ioannina icon