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Prophet Elias

Prophet Elias
Prophet Elias
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The prophet Elias lived in the 9th century BC. He was the son of Shobach, a native of the Theses of Gilead, and belonged to the tribe of Aaron. When he was born, his father saw a divine vision: Two men in white named the baby Elijah, giving him a flame to eat. Then his father went to Jerusalem, where the priests told him, interpreting the vision, that his son would become a prophet and judge Israel with a double-edged sword and fire. The prophet Elijah practiced his prophetic gift for 25 years, during the reign of King Ahab. Ahab and his wife Jezebel caused the faith to be distorted by pagan customs. So she persecuted the prophet Elijah a lot, which is why he was constantly forced to leave and hide. Worth mentioning in the action of the Prophet, are facts that reveal his holiness, such as what he prayed and did not rain for three and a half years, prayed and fire came from heaven, crossed the Jordan River with his mill and finally, that instead to die was taken up by a chariot of fire into heaven. The memory of Prophet Elias is commemorated on July 20.
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