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The icons are exact copies of our templates and belong exclusively to the intellectual property of our company. The pre-processing is done by hand, then the printing is done with special machines of high specifications and high resolution and sheets of true 22K gold are placed in the background. Finally the icon is placed in a frame of your choice.

So we have works of special aesthetics, unique quality and durability, and we guarantee the quality and absolute fidelity compared to the authentic ones.

In order to cover more needs and to have more economical options, the same images can be made with a gold background and not sheets of real gold, as long as you select the corresponding option in each image.

Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus  Her poise conveys an air of royalty, being even more prominent with the deep red, but looking a little bit more carefully we can see in her sad and noble face the humble daughter of Nazareth. At the same time, young Jesus blesses the whole world with His right ha..
Xenophon (January 26) Saint Xenophon lived in Constantinople during the reigns of Emperors Justin I (518 - 527 AD) and Justinian (527 - 565 AD). He was a rich senator and was distinguished for his deep piety to God. She had two children, Arkadios and Ioannis. As soon as these circular letters w..
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