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Agios Paisios

Agios Paisios
Agios Paisios
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Agios Paisios

  Close to the many and so great miracles mentioned in the seventh person of G. Paisios, I will also mention one that has to do with this image.

In February 2003 I woke up at 1 a.m. from an acute pain in a specific part of my head. I started going back and forth to the kitchen without wanting to wake anyone up. But one of my daughters came crying and said to me, "Dad, I saw three people nailing you on the head" at the exact same spot where the pain had started completely unexpectedly. A pain that lasted more than 1 month. Such was the intensity of the pain that I put my head on the floor and pushed it to relieve myself a little. You will wonder why I did not go to the hospital although in the past I had gone for different reasons of course. Because last night I saw the elder Paisios who was screaming in pain. I said, "The Elder warned me in this way that this is a temptation."

So I called a revered abbot of Mount Athos and explained the case in detail. After receiving his blessing to face it with patience and faith in God I did not go anywhere. I used to take one or two children's aspirins from medicines.

It was unthinkable now to deal with the fine art of hagiography. After a month and a week as I was combing at the exact spot where the pain had started, the comb "took off" a piece equal to a dry bean's "hot" wound that of course I did not create. In fact, it repeated after two or three days, when the pain stopped and in time I started to feel better in my head. Not only that, but I started the hagiography with an appetite, so I also painted this specific figure of the Elder, in which I let the deep feeling of pain that so eagerly and selflessly was raised by the loving Agios Paisios