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The paintings are exact copies of our standards.

Here there are various, mainly Byzantine, themes inspired by our hagiographer.

The theme is printed on high quality canvas.

The prints are made with special machines of high specifications and high resolution.

At the end it is placed in a wooden frame of your choice.

So we have works of special aesthetics, unique quality and durability.

The works are unique without existing elsewhere respectively.

Geron Paisios   The monk Paisios Agioreitis (Arsenios Eznepidis, July 25, 1924-12 July 1994) was a Greek monk who lived during the 20th century.He was born in Farasa, Cappadocia, Asia Minor, on July 25, 1924. His father's name was Prodromos and he was the president of the Farasas, while hi..
The Miracle of Panagia "Koudoumiani" to Elder Eumenios   It is a modern sanctified form. He is the "hidden saint of our time" as Saint Porphyrios used to say.When he was a young monk and had not gained experience from the wicked war, he was proud that he had already defeated Satan's entang..
Hide your virtue    This is what the church fathers say, "you have lived in misery". The monks, being well aware of the "wind" of vanity that can easily scatter that "spiritual fruits" each person managed to "gather", carefully recommend that man hide every good deed so that it is not done..
IC-XCIC XC hagiographed on thick burlap with the damage and the appropriate colors, shows something different while it does not cease to be the One, the existing, the Godman Jesus...
Makrigiannis      One of the most heroic fighters of '21. Brave and honest patriot as few. But what distinguished him was his deep faith and reverence for God. For all this, Elder Paisios appreciated him deeply.      When a pilgrim once asked the Elder for a blessing on..
Panagia Mourning    This position of the Virgin Mary under the Cross of Christ shows us all the pain that the Virgin Mary raised from the completely unjust death of her son. Therefore, every suffering mother but also every wronged Christian, looking at her, feels an immense consolation. Th..
Patience    In our age, which is a century of speed, patience and courage in all kinds of adversity, only virtue is not counted by many. And yet ..Job was finally glorified not for his other virtues - as St. John Chrysostom mentions - but mainly for his patience. Proverbial phrase ¨Jubile ..
Pomegranates    Although all our works can be made available for any gift occasion, this one is suitable to be given as a gift to newlyweds for the living room because it is customary to include paintings with nature. But also for another basic reason that the pomegranate is a symbol of fe..
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