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The paintings are exact copies of our standards.

Here there are various, mainly Byzantine, themes inspired by our hagiographer.

The theme is printed on high quality canvas.

The prints are made with special machines of high specifications and high resolution.

At the end it is placed in a wooden frame of your choice.

So we have works of special aesthetics, unique quality and durability.

The works are unique without existing elsewhere respectively.

"The fruit of spiritual life begins with tears"   This joyful state of "sweet" tears are the first spiritual fruits that the struggling Christian gathers...
Agios Paisios  Close to the many and so great miracles mentioned in the seventh person of G. Paisios, I will also mention one that has to do with this image.In February 2003 I woke up at 1 a.m. from an acute pain in a specific part of my head. I started going back and forth to the kitchen witho..
Alexandros Papadiamantis (1851-1911)The Saint of letters as he is called. He was born in Skiathos, he was the son of a priest, "Papa-Diamantis" and Angeliki.He lived for some time on Mount Athos but although he did not become a monk, his simple and unpretentious life, the poverty and the permanent h..
Angel of God    Angels are liturgical spirits who have been commanded by God to minister to man in order to reach his salvation. Every Christian after his baptism receives his "guardian angel"...
Ascetic form    Looking at her, you fill her with feelings of respect and awe for all those who gave up everything to win the precious daisy that is Christ. The attention to the inner person and the thoughtful style leaves us thinking about our personal course...
Ascetic in a cave   The ascetic 'knocks' the knot-knot, uttering the monologue wish "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me". The wildness of the landscape and the quietness help to elevate the mind to the ‘celestial’ that feels closer to it. In the irrevocable landscape (does not today's soc..
Cook Monk    Here we see another side of the monks. Man is not just a spirit. After all, the body also serves the soul. Or does not the monk who prepares the fish for them while celebrating also perform a spiritual work? Work of love performs. And if you want to see it from the human side ..
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