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Euthimia (September 16)

He was born in Chalcedon to a pious family. Her parents made sure that their daughter developed every Christian virtue. Once upon a time, the pagan viceroy of Asia Minor, Priscus, ordered all the inhabitants of Chalcedon to attend a feast, which he organized in honor of the pagan god Mars. Euphemia then decided with other Christians to abstain from the feast of the pagans and for this reason she was arrested and imprisoned. During her captivity the enemies of Christ tried in every way to persuade the Saint to deny her faith and to embrace the idols. When they realized that Euphemia was not going to change her faith with words, they tortured her horribly. But by divine grace, the Saint did not suffer any of the tortures. Eventually the executioners threw her into a wild beast and Euphemia was found dead by a bear.