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Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara
Saint Barbara
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The saint's father, Dioscorus, was a very rich pagan. Barbara, an only daughter, was distinguished for the beauty of her body, her intelligence and wisdom. In the Christian faith, a pious Christian woman catechized and attracted Barbara. When Dioscorus learned that his daughter was a Christian, he angrily ordered her strict restraint. But Barbara succeeded and escaped. Her father then launched a wild chase in the caves and forests, where his daughter was hiding. Eventually, he succeeded and arrested her. The ruthless and rotten pagan father handed over his daughter to the ruler Markianos. He, since at first he did not succeed in tempting ways to change her faith, ordered and she was flogged mercilessly. Then he imprisoned her, but in there God healed Barbara's wounds and strengthened her courage. Then the ruler wanted to expel her in public naked. But while she was taking off her clothes, other more beautiful ones appeared on her body. The ruler, seeing the miracle, ordered that he be beheaded. Without delay, her own wicked father took over and beheaded her. But at the moment when his crime was over, he fell dead struck by lightning during a divine trial.
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