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In this category the icon is made on natural beech wood. The wood has been left in a dry place for many months before being processed in order to eliminate any moisture, after sanding it is pre-treated by hand, then it is printed directly on the wood with special machines of high specifications and high resolution, at the end it becomes " artistic erasing "with gold and thus gives the impression of old icon, so we have works of special aesthetics, unique quality and durability and we guarantee the quality and absolute fidelity in relation to the original.

Vasileios the Great (January 1)Vasileios the Great is the father and teacher of the Orthodox Church. He was born in 329 AD, in the village of Annisa of Pontus and grew up in Caesarea of ​​Cappadocia. He had eight brothers, three boys and five girls. Of the four boys, three became bishops. Equipped w..
icon Virgin Mary holding baby Jesusicon   Her poise conveys an air of royalty, being even more prominent with the deep red, but looking a little bit more carefully we can see in her sad and noble face the humble daughter of Nazareth. At the same time, young Jesus blesses the whol..
Xenophon (January 26) Saint Xenophon lived in Constantinople during the reigns of Emperors Justin I (518 - 527 AD) and Justinian (527 - 565 AD). He was a rich senator and was distinguished for his deep piety to God. She had two children, Arkadios and Ioannis. As soon as these circular letters w..
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